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The Evolve Mastermind
The Evolve Mastermind  helps unlock real potential and opportunity contained within you and your business. 
TENx helps unlock real potential and opportunity contained within you and your business. 
Unlock Your Potential
Will Polston
Who is the The Evolve Mastermind for?
The Evolve Mastermind is for business owners, regardless industry sector or number of years trading. 

The most important factors are you are open-minded, committed to growing your business and achieving super-success.

Typical business owners in the room range from a minimum of 4 staff and a turn over of £750,000 of up to £10 million in turn over and have up to 300 staff. 

The Evolve Mastermind helps unlock real potential and opportunity contained within you and your business. 

You will benefit from knowledge, education, inspiration, clarity, thinking time, enjoyment, support, motivation and a place to share ideas, listen to other members’ to gain from their experiences and plan your own goals for the future.  

We are confident that these days will be the single biggest enhancement in driving you and your business forward. 

Some Mastermind groups can cost in excess of five figure sums per annum, we are offering the opportunity for anyone who is serious about driving their business forward the chance to experience this through the The Evolve Mastermind format at a fraction of that. 
What are the benefits of coming to The Evolve Mastermind?
A full day of 100% practical guidance, help & direction
A 3 hour workshop from an external business expert (Their workshops range from £1500-£7000!)
Help identify where your business needs to go, learn the steps to get there and overcome the obstacles in the way.
Listen, meet and participate with other like-minded individuals with no interruptions or distractions. 
Tips, tricks, techniques, success stories and inspiration to move your business forward.
Share your own challenges & successes with other group attendees in confidential, non judgemental and safe environment.
Refreshments throughout the day including breakfast and lunch.
A superb location and venue to focus on your business & ideas.
Opportunity to network before and after the event with other attendees.
A place to share 
Exclusive The Evolve Mastermind updates & unique special offers.
Access to all The Evolve Mastermind material post event.
Be held accountable weekly via our engaged whats app group
Marketing strategy session with one of the UK's leading marketing strategist Kelly Ann Teasdale
300% money back guarantee! - If you have not increased your gross profit by 3 times your investment AND don't have a happier more engaged team we will refund you !
What do others say about The Evolve Mastermind?
Chris Branch - Forte Physical Health
Tony Morris- Sales Doctors
Who Are The Expert Speakers?
Each month we bring the UK's top business experts in to run a half day workshop for you.

Previous The Evolve Mastermind speakers have included Nigel Risner, James Sinclair, Caspar Craven, Julie Holmes, Baiju Solanki, David Hyner, Andrew Priestley, Kelly Ann Teasdale  just to name a few.

Topics covered in the past have been Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Knowing The Numbers, Social Media Marketing, Sales, PR, Linkedin
Nigel Risner speaking at The Evolve Mastermind
Chelmsford in 2018
Kelly Ann Teasdale speaking at The Evolve Mastermind
Chelmsford in 2018
Caspar Craven speaking at The Evolve Mastermind
Chelmsford in 2018
What do others say about The Evolve Mastermind?
"Before I came to The Evolve Mastermind I was in a position that could be described as 'stagnant' in some senses. I had lots of ideas, strategies and goals but actually managing my time in order to implement them was a headache in itself."
"I attended the first meeting very unsure of what to expect, was initially greeted by 9 other directors and senior business partners all from the local area who were keen to network. A guest speaker arrived - James Jimbo Sinclair (the millionaire clown) and the session was underway."
"Outside of new business connections, I took away tremendous amounts of content, methodologies, approaches and angles that i don't think would have ever created of my own accord."
"I'm now in a position where by I can efficiently manage my diary and actually implement the ideas provided by other thought leaders without compromising on my business service."
Aitch Henry Doswell - Ascention Global Recruitment
"To anyone who isn't familiar with The Evolve Mastermind itself or the mastermind group concept I would recommend without hesitation that you attend one of these meetings."
"To put it into context, This year I have been to 4N, BNI, Friends of Chelmsford, Big Business Events plus a few others and this is one of only 2 that i would recommend to my professional network to attend.” Aitch Henry-Doswell of Ascension Global Recruitment
Who facilitates the day?
Gavin Preston - Manchester
Business Strategist, Business Mentor, Author and SpeakerGavin works with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders impatient with incremental growth. With a focus on bottom line delivery, Gavin’s strategies and work captivates, inspires and mobilises individuals, teams and business to significantly grow revenues and profits.

Gavin’s wealth of experience in Strategy, Marketing, Behavioural Change, Organisational Change, Problem Solving, Influence & Persuasion coupled with a strong business background both as a KPMG Chartered Accountant and Leadership Development, Consultancy, Coaching and finance for BAE Systems plc enable him to use leading edge strategies to take you to the next level. His vast portfolio of experience includes working with the United Nations, HSBC, ICI and Carphone Warehouse.

He has an incisive ability to cut to the core and understand what stops you, your business or team. He uses his experience and strategies to go on a journey with you, stopping what is holding you back, accelerating your performance and taking that step up.

Gavin’s unique edge is his passion for learning. By gleaning extensive knowledge from the world leaders in his field he continually develops, helping entrepreneurs who work with him to achieve greater success, both in the UK and internationally.
Will Polston - Chelmsford
Will always knew he wanted to be successful. With this in mind, he spent a lot of time studying those at the top. His view was if he could take all of their best attributes, mix in his own personality & drive he would be a better version of himeself. Practicing this simple method became his self-taught blueprint to being successful in all aspects of life.

The techniques he had taught himself throughout his career in sales helped him greatly but more so when he got to management level as he had to drive, inspire and motivate his sales staff and taught them techniques he had learnt to get the best out of themselves.

Will’s idea of how successful someone is was based on their bank account and material belongings. It was when he attended ‘Unleash the Power Within’ a phenomenal 4 day course by world leading life coach Tony Robbins in 2012 that his view on success and his ambitions in life changed forever. It was during a very emotional story of how Tony Robbins himself fell into helping others get the best out themselves that Will had his calling. 

For many years he continued to study and teach himself using various resources to get to the point of finally being able to launch his company Make It Happen to make the next step towards his ultimate goal. Will is a neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner, a member of the International Coaching Federation, the world’s only globally recognised coaching body and a certified Master Coach. He was a finalist for the Coach of The Year at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultant awards, spoken at TEDx and also is a blogger for The Huffington Post.

Using strategic intervention in the way he does has seen him win an award and Will has been called upon to work with celebrities, professional athletes, business owners and those at the lowest of lows to take their lives from where they are to where they want them to be.
Where does it take place?
The Evolve Mastermind currently takes place in 2 locations in the UK
Chelmsford - Essex
We hold The Evolve Mastermind Essex at Croxtons Mill Chelmsford.

There’s free parking and fast wifi for our guests. 

Croxtons Mill
Blasford Hill, 
Little Waltham,

Manchester - Cheshire
We hold The Evolve Mastermind Manchester at Manchester
Holiday Inn.

There’s paid parking and fast wifi for our guests. 

Holiday Inn
Manchester City Centre 
25 Aytoun Street 
M1 3AE

Apply now!
If you are interested in The Evolve Mastermind please fill in the form to enquire and we will be in contact shortly.
Frequently asked questions...
How many will be in the room?
The Evolve Mastermind is capped at 12 committed business owners and they are selected on an application basis only.
What is the commitment?
Although there is no fixed contract for as long as you are a member you will agree to attend a minimum of 10/12 possible events a year. Agree to be there for 8.30am and not leave until 4pm. This is for the benefit of the group as your commitment is to them not me. Your payment is required regardless of attendance for as long as you are a member.

Obviously you don't have to commit to future events until you have been to one. 
What happens in between events?
We have a whats app group where you are held accountable to actions you set at the events on a weekly basis.
How much is my investment?
The investment for The Evolve Mastermind is a day of your time and £400 +VAT per month and includes everything you will require, including breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
What are the bonuses?
You get a one off 90 minute 1 on 1 opportunity session with me (Value £500+VAT)

You get The Elite Network Platinum Membership included which gives you access to personal development networking events in 6 cities in the UK each month and WILLPower my online coaching group (Value £804 per annum)
What is the guarantee? 
If you do not feel you got at least £400 of value you can add to your business by the end of the day I will refund your payment and you can come to the next event for free.
Where and when is it?
Every second Tuesday of the month.
Essex - Croxton Mill, Blasford Hill, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 3PJ
Manchester - Holiday Inn, Manchester City Centre, 25 Aytoun Street, Manchester, M1 3AE
What next?
If you would like to attend your first The Evolve Mastermind event as my guest reply to this email and we can get you booked on.
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